Friday, August 19, 2011

if your a fan of my etsy shop, i've finally created a shop blog! i will probably be updating more frequently there, considering there is only so much blogging you can do on your wedding.

[click on image to check it out and follow me if you please!]

Saturday, August 13, 2011

address labels!

i wanted to work on SOMETHING wedding related today, so i figured i'd keep working with the save the dates. i've showed them to my mom and sisters asking for opinions on rounded edges or squared, and so far the vote is rounded! so i've got a lot of work and concentration ahead of me, hah!
I need to go buy envelopes because these save the dates really need to get in the mail. i stared making address labels and they came out SO cute! i found the art work on google images and decided to play around with it a bit in photoshop, and came up with this!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

a walk in the park

it has been so beautiful out today so josh and i decided to talk a walk to the park near our home where he proposed. :)   we kept talking about it for weeks, but it has been so hot out! we'd open the door to leave and almost instantly close the door to get cool air back in our lungs. but today was just perfect. i didn't bring my camera but i did have my phone. we're going back tomorrow to get better photos :)

i thought adding the wedding date was super cute :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

updating and rearranging

i updated my etsy shop a bit over the past few weeks. trying to make everything look neater and well organized, as well as keeping my eyes peeled for new great finds! All of my sales are going straight into my savings for the wedding and down-payment on a home fund. every little bit counts! <3

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


i'm totally in love with instagram! i don't have a fancy iphone or ipod touch, i have a plain old ZUNE, to which i love and cherish, i just wish it had a camera on it and could take photos... like this....!

on another note, josh and i are going camping this weekend @ Mohican! i'm so, so, so excited! i haven't been to mohican since i was probably 13. i plan to tag alongside my nikon and get some really good photos! it will be such a great little get-away from this past week of work! and since josh got his promotion it will also be his last week of work inside the warehouse, so he'll get to relax until the real work begins! (just kidding, for getting such a great promotion it's probably the best job he's ever had! i'm jealous!)

Saturday, July 30, 2011


my 'maids for the wedding are my four sisters. i'm so thankful to have all sisters, we're all alike in someways but very different in others. i'm the baby of the family, so i've always been treated a little different. in some ways better but in some ways, well... mostly better (haha!) i've decided to have no 'maid of honor,' how does one pick a maid of honor when you're having all of your amazingly unique sisters as part of your bridal party?! i don't see it to be fair or right to set a higher standard to one amazing person than the rest, so i am having my girls walk in order of birth. in some ways that will be neat, because i will be walking out last, and being the youngest i think it's just fitting.
i actually have found the dresses my girls will be wearing, which i'm rather excited about. a friend of mine was just in a wedding and she was a 'maid and got to wear this dress. i'm so excited they have them in 3 of my 4 colors. i hope to see green on the website, maybe i've just missed it. this dress is just perfect! everything i've been wanting in their dresses, maybe capped short sleeves was the only think i hoped for but it's very hard to find vintage dresses out at the antique shops that will all at least be the same dress and in specific sizes!


have you ever been to if not, gogogo! it's an amazingly cute site for great inspiration! i've made my own wedding board to collect all my little picture thoughts about the wedding from day to day. anything i think i'd like to see in the wedding i search for and repin onto my board to look back onto later. so far i have a little collection that is just bursting with ideas:
it doesn't have to just be about the wedding though. they have yummy cakes, cookies, photography, architecture, decoration ideas, the list goes on!

Friday, July 29, 2011


I've decided to make this blog solely for the purpose of the wedding. I know it will be a great journaling tool for myself and josh too. We'll be able to keep our plans in order and remember the process for years to come. That was my main purpose to begin with, but i've been a blogger before and always seem to stray from my main purpose. (maybe i'm just good at expressing myself in many different ways. yep that's it!)

So as of lately i've been semi-stressed about the planning. Who wouldn't be though? As a bride you've never planned a wedding before in your life, so how are you to know where to begin? Heck, i've never even planned a simple birthday party, so i'm really in the dust on this one. It's a process, that's for sure.
Part of that stress (is that why my eye has been twitching for 3 months now!?) is caused from everything coming together. No matter how much you have planned you just feel like nothing is happening, and honestly nothing but the big hand on the clock really is moving. That meaning, A LOT of things can be planned but not completed until it gets very close to the wedding. For instance, I can hope to have everyone who is invited, attend the wedding but that doesn't mean everyone will be able to. A lot of things like food, preparing tables, seating, place-cards, ect depends on the final count. But we won't know the final count until about a month or two before the wedding, see what i mean?

Other than small things like that, it's been very fun! I really do think i have a lot planned and everything is in motion. Lately i've been trying to finalize the centerpieces. My original plan sort of fell through, because i thought i was going to have someone be able to let us borrow her teapots, but they were not the right look at all, instead of being floral they were animal themed, so that was a bust. But i still plan to use the vintage books and mason jars. I am also making burlap table runners for all of the tables with some scrounged up burlap my sister was given from her work! score!

this is a pretty good model of the basic, simple look i want for the tables. i think we're still going to have linens on the tables but i think cotton will look best. either white, or we'll pick one of the wedding colors, light green may look great with burlap since they're both really earthy!
I really don't want to give away too much, so i'll keep the centerpieces for another post!

Monday, July 4, 2011

maui, hawaii

maui was simply amazing. if i put it into words, i'd never be able to write another blog post because i'd just keep going and going about it's beauty. so here is a photo show of our adventures.

me in front of the waterfall

waterfalls in Hana

my sister enjoying the view

cliff divers

canoe racing


my sister with the flower we were given

me with the flower we were given

sisterly fun on the beach and in the submarine

we went to a luau!

my momma on the beach waiting for the sunset

hammock in Hana

  rainbow eucalyptus. absolutely real. absolutely amazing.

the group. my aunt debbie, my momma, my aunt cheri, me, and my sister

Saturday, June 18, 2011

we go together like water and wind

I haven't posted much of anything lately, i guess i just haven't been in a very blogging mood. This weekend has been fun, but also has seemed to go pretty fast. Thursday night josh and i went to the wex center to see the first outdoor movie of the summer, lost in translation. Not only was it a great time, but the movie was spectacular; definitely one of my new top favorite movies of all time (as well as joshs).
We also went wedding-band shopping because, well we needed to, and i really wanted to get a feel for what josh liked as well as a price range i'll need to save up for. i got good ideas for him, he got good ideas for me. very fun! :)
Yesterday (friday) we went to the thrift store so i could pick up some more summer clothes for hawaii. i didn't realize my lack of short sleeve shirts until a few days ago when i realized i was wearing the same ones over and over. (maybe that or my absolute lazy/grogginess as i get up for the day.) well, successful thrifting was made, i got a full supply to last me the summer!
And today was hiking day. we decided to go between 6 and 7pm because it was nice and cool out from the rainy day. Unfortunately, the bugs were taking over and josh was literally getting eaten! i for one did not get a single bite, so josh must just attract the mosquitoes far more than i do. After hiking we tried out a new coffee shop called Impero Coffee. It's was amazing coffee and absolutely nothing like i've ever had. All i can say is this place makes starbucks incredibly boring to me now.
Tonight is movie night. Not sure if we're actually watching a movie or more George Carlin stand up. quite possibly the funniest man who has ever lived. I love his comedy. And his facial expressions just makes me laugh uncontrollably.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

save the dates

i found new Save-the-date ideas! at first i was thinking regular cards, then i was thinking postcard, now i'm thinking TAGS! i'm finding that you can buy the tags at the craft store like Michael's for relatively cheap (and to make them look old you soak them in water and tea bags for about an hour) and i can get skeleton keys on ebay in bulk for pretty cheap too. i still haven't decided which type of Save-the-date i am going to go with, but this seems like a fun project. i'm pretty sure my entire wedding planning has kept leading me back to RUFFLED. it's so great for vintage wedding inspiration.

Friday, June 3, 2011

wedding ideas spewing!

okay, so, about two days ago i was completely stressing over the wedding (we still have 11 months.. does that mean i'm already becoming a bridezilla?! oh geez...) it got to the point where i felt my wedding was not going to be as vintage as we want. i had a few good ideas, but couldn't figure out how to make the picture bigger and better with more full ideas. then yesterday i was texting my mom about getting my bridesmaids dresses made. i have a whole 50's inspired look that i think is going to be a vital piece of the vintage feel. i never envisioned formal 'maids dresses because that's just not my style at all. i want our BIG DAY to just be relaxed and happy. then the ideas started spewing. i'll give you a  picture show on just how crazy i went.

then i got to thinking about the tables (table covers, centerpieces, confetti's, ect) my favorite fabric of all time is burlap! i'm just in love with it. i probably have 10 messenger bags made of old burlap coffee bean bags. i thought about it and even if we just use plain old white table cloths, i can make a burlap runner much like in the photo below. it would be a super easy and cheap make!

then i started to think about how else i wanted to decorate the table with out going overboard, i thought CONFETTI! i searched around etsy and saw the absolute cutest idea. heart shaped cut outs of old vintage papers, hymnals, french dictionary's (ect)! the prices weren't right for the amount they were willing to sell, so i decided to search deeper into etsy for hymnal pages, dictionary pages ect and found a great shop! [] i bought hymnal pages and old german to english dictionary pages (i thought it was fitting since josh is german!) i plan to just make these myself.. how simple! here is the play by play:
(we've already seen the centerpieces, but i wanted to get the full effect here, haah)

  i'm very excited and so happy that my brain started going crazy with ideas. i think i just needed to remember that i've never done this before, planning a wedding isn't something you can just know how to do. i'm still not sure when to do what, when but it'll all fall into place, there have been millions of weddings before mine and they all survived, let's hope i do too.